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Michael Clayton McCarthy

Michael McCarthy has written for Saturday Night Live, Sesame Street and The Drew Carey Show as well as many, many Comedy Central projects (Comedy Central On Trail: Bobbit vs. Bobbit, Spunk: The Tonya Harding Story, Battlebots, Beat The Geeks, and more). In 1995 he created a comedy festival in Kilkenny, Ireland called "The Murphy's Cat Laughs" and was its executive producer from 1995-99. During those five years he also worked in England developing a sitcom for Channel Four called Before The Pale. He's a proud alumnus of The Second City (ETC from 1988-90, mainstage from 1990-93); he started The Second City Training Center's Writing Program in 1989. In December of 2002, as a moral imperative, McCarthy created a weekly, news-driven sketch comedy show called Big News (www.bignewsshow.com), which has been featured at the Chicago Improv Festival. In the weeks since its premier, Big News has performed over 300 completely different shows, entirely based upon a given weeks news.

About the Writing Program

McCarthy has created a complete writing curriculum for the I.O. West Theater in Hollywood, where he teaches.The 24-week process stresses monologue writing and the elements of a talk show, in the first stage; sketch writing, and how to prepare a sketch packet for SNL in the second stage; and how to write a sitcom spec script in the third stage. During his workshop his unique take on sketch writing "that mostly champions point of view, allowing righteous indignation to lead, fun with editing and how one succeeds or fails based upon ones knowledge of the intrinsic qualities of a given medium (in other words, why Second City and SNL are different)".



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